HP 51645A No.45 Remanufactured Cartridge

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Product Code OBSA308AE
EAN 5031935453307
Manufacturer Part No 51645A, HP 45, HP45

HP 45 Ink cartridges (51645A) for use with HP printers. Highest quality Ink cartridges in stock and ready for fast dispatch.

Designed For The Following HP Printers:HP Deskjet 1600C HP Officejet Pro 1150C HP Deskjet 870Cxi
HP Deskjet 850C HP Deskjet 820Cxi HP Deskjet 1100C
HP Deskjet 1000Cxi HP Deskjet 1000Cse HP Designjet 755CM
HP Designjet 750C Plus HP Designjet 750C HP Photo Smart P1100
HP Photo Smart P1000 HP Photo Smart 2100 HP Photo Smart 1218
HP Photo Smart 1215 HP Officejet T65 HP Officejet T45
HP Officejet R65 HP Officejet R45 HP Officejet G95
HP Officejet G85 HP Officejet G55 HP Officejet 1175C
HP Officejet 1170C HP Fax 1220 HP Deskjet 995C
HP Deskjet 990Cxi HP Deskjet 980Cxi HP Deskjet 970Cxi
HP Deskjet 960Cxi HP Deskjet 960Cse HP Deskjet 959C
HP Deskjet 952C HP Deskjet 950C HP Deskjet 935C
HP Deskjet 932C HP Deskjet 930C HP Deskjet 895Cxi
HP Deskjet 890C HP Deskjet 882C HP Deskjet 880C
HP Deskjet 832C HP Deskjet 830C HP Deskjet 815C
HP Deskjet 722C HP Deskjet 720C HP Deskjet 712C
HP Deskjet 710C HP Deskjet 6127 HP Deskjet 6122
HP Deskjet 6120 HP Deskjet 1220C HP Deskjet 1125C
HP Deskjet 1120C HP Designjet 700C HP Color Copier 290
HP Color Copier 110 HP Color Copier 120 HP Color Copier 140
HP Color Copier 145 HP Color Copier 150 HP Color Copier 155
HP Color Copier 160 HP Color Copier 170 HP Color Copier 180
HP Color Copier 190 HP Color Copier 210 HP Color Copier 210LX
HP Color Copier 260 HP Color Copier 270 HP Color Copier 290
HP Deskjet 1000C HP Deskjet 820C HP Deskjet 820CSE
HP Deskjet 855CSE HP Deskjet 870C HP Deskjet 870CSE
HP Deskjet 890CSE HP Deskjet 960C HP Deskjet 970C
HP Deskjet 990C HP Officejet G85xi HP Officejet K60xi
HP Officejet K80xi HP Officejet Pro 1150CSE HP Officejet Pro R45
HP Officejet Pro R65 HP Officejet Pro T65 HP Officejet T45xi
HP Officejet 1175CSE HP Officejet 1175CXI HP Officejet R40
HP Officejet R40xi HP Officejet R60 HP Officejet R80
HP Officejet R80xi HP Officejet T65xi HP PhotoSmart 1000
HP PhotoSmart 1215VM HP PhotoSmart 1218Xi HP PhotoSmart P1000xi
HP Photo Smart P1100xi HP Photo Smart P1115 HP Photo Smart P1315
HP Officejet Pro 1170C HP Officejet Pro 1175C HP Deskjet 9300
HP Deskjet 1180C HP Deskjet 6100 HP Photo Smart 1300 Series
HP Color Copier 280 HP Deskjet 1280 HP Photo Smart 1110
HP Photo Smart 1315 HP Deskjet 1110C HP Color Copier 100
HP Deskjet 1150Cxi HP Deskjet 948 HP Deskjet 955C HP Photo Smart 1115 HP Deskjet 933C HP Deskjet 934C HP Photosmart 2100* Remanufactured Ink cartridges are manufactured by third party manufacturers according to original (OEM) specification and offer great value for money. They are designed to work with the printer without infringing on its warranty. Their use also means that more consumable items are going back into use, thus lowering waste and improving the environment. Remanufactured Ink cartridges will print to the same quality as the original and in times even better.

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