Floois Transfer Paper Used For Furniture Mockups Project

Today customer project spotlight features the work of Simon and Nicola Lewis of UK based Floois. Using Simon’s illustration skills and Nicola‚Äôs range of upholstering and design skills Floois creates a range of contemporary homely products. The transfer paper is used in a special way by Simon and Nicola for mockups rather than the final item which we are normally accustomed to.

Floois started the design process of new furniture by creating mockups for their new footstools. From Simon illustrations they create a design to be screenprinted onto fabric. Nicola then upholstered it to look like a biscuit. The transfer paper in this manner of application enables them to do an affordable mockup before getting the design printed. They have done a custard cream and a pink wafer footstool in this manner. Here are a few images sent to us by Simon. For further information, you can visit the Floois site.

We are often asked on which precise fabrics transfer paper can be used safely. The answer is simple. Provided that the heat from the iron during the transfer application process does not damage the fabric, these iron-on papers can be used safely and with great success.

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