Cheap Canvas Printing DIY Style

canvas sheetIn recent years canvas printing has became quite a popular and trendy printing option, in which individuals print photographs of their loved ones (or any other artistic image) on a canvas sheet. Until recently, your options were limited to using either an online store or taking it into a high street retailer. But that has changed as home printers got better at accommodating various printing surfaces.

Why Canvas?

The result when printing an image or a photograph on a canvass sheet is rather artistic and gives the image a special look which no Photoshop or any image manipulation technique can mimic.

Canvas printing is done on a real woven canvas made out of cotton or a mix of poly-cotton (the same material used by artist on paint brush painting) and printed by digital printer or in other words, by an inkjet printer just like you have at home. Traditional means of canvas printing in store or online could end up costing you a considerable amount, in addition, once you hand over the image to a 3rd party you have no more control over its final look.

Is There Another Option?

There is another way of canvas printing in which you print your canvas yourself using your inkjet home printer and it is as simple as that. In this manner, canvas printing is achieved by using specially designed coated canvas sheets in A4 or A3 size (for these that have an A3 printer) that are compatible with your own home printer. Prior to printing, you get plenty of opportunities to edit the image, changing its colours, its shades and applying artistic filter using any number of photo editing software.

The canvas sheets are specially coated with a matt finish coating that enables the inkjet printer to print a high-resolution image in photographic quality directly on the canvas. All from the comfort of your own home and for a far cheaper price.

Taking this to the next level, users will often scan their artwork and reproduce it on a canvas. In some cases they combine a photographic image on the canvas and then they will add acrylic painting onto it, so it looks like it is a portrait painting rather than a mix between the two.

The inkjet canvas sheets have a waterproof coating and they are compatible with all inkjet printers using either both dye and pigment inks. To improve the durability and waterproof properties of your work, you can apply a coating of fixative spray. The ghiant fixative is useful for protecting the print from dust, water (when wiped clean with a damp cloth) and improves the finish as it comes in matt, satin or glossy finish. In fact, regardless of the way in which you have selected canvas printing (online, in store or at home) fixative spray is a must have.

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