A5 Paper Printing Guide

A5 paper is a popular size option used for a wide range of applications from document printing to greetings cards making and photo reproduction. It is precisely half an A4 sheet or 210 x 148 mm (8.3 x 5.8 inch / “) in size. Unlike the slightly smaller 6×4” and 7×5” sizes, it does not suit standard photo album and so is often used in desk or wall mounted frames (photo reproduction), inserted into an A5 envelope (greetings cards and invitation cards) or used loosely as a document.

If you are about to print on an A5 paper, there are certain steps that you should take to ensure that you print quality results.

Printer Compatibility

Most printers accommodate an A4 sheet size by default but can easily accommodate smaller sizes. Before purchasing the A5 size, ensure that your printer can accept this size. You can either look at the feeding tray for telltale signs of various pre-defined sizes that should be clearly marked or read the printer description from the manufacturer.

Adjust Printing Settings

As you now know, most printers will be set by default to print on an A4 sheet. Leaving the settings as is will likely cause some feeding problems and poor printing results. Before you start printing even the first sheet, adjust the settings to accommodate the following:

Size – Set it to an A5 size
Paper Type – Choose between document and photo paper type
Paper Quality – In the case of a5 photo paper, choose the correct quality
Finish – Again, only applicable to photo paper, you need to match the finish of the paper to the printer setting (available in certain models)

Printing Side

An A5 paper can be printed on any side in the case of document or copier paper, only on one side in the case of single sided photo paper or on both sides in the case of double sided photo paper to allow text on one side and an image on the reverse (for invitation cards for example). If your paper of choice falls under the latter, you must ensure to feed the paper correctly to avoid poor results or even printer damage.

Type of Ink

Printers are available using Inkjet (liquid ink propelled by jet force i.e. Ink-Jet) or laser (powder like substance which undergoes fusion). If your paper of choice is non-coated normal copier paper, an A5 will suit either of the two printer types. However, if you opted for photo paper, you must ensure that it supports either inkjet or laser based on your printer. There is no dual compatibility in photo papers, unlike normal printer paper. Here’s a bit more about the difference between normal and photo paper.

If your printer is of the Inkjet kind, in certain models it can accept both dye inks and pigment inks. The type of ink can influence the printing results and you should consider reading about the difference between the two.

Paperweight support

Normal A5 printer paper will vary in weight anywhere between 70gsm to 100gsm and your printer can handle this weight with ease. When it comes to a5 photo paper, you need to ensure that the printer can successfully negotiate feeding and printing on this weight.

The weight in GSM (grammes per square meter) of photo papers will vary anywhere from 120gsm to 300gsm and even more in the case of art papers. Before you decide to purchase one over the other it is handy to check if your printer can take that weight. Otherwise you may run the risk of causing damage to the device in terms of paper jam and feeding problems.

Enjoy your printing. Let us know if you have any questions about printing on an A5 paper.

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