Photo Paper Suppliers in The UK

There are many photo paper suppliers in the UK and Europe, and certainly many more worldwide. However, the number of leading supplies, the ones most users are familiar with is actually smaller than you think.

Naturally, most of us are familiar with the well-known brands produced by the printer manufactures such as Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark, Kodak, Brother etc. While the first three are also considered the biggest suppliers, they are not necessarily the manufacturers of photo paper and this distinguish is important. If they are not the manufactures than they are not the biggest suppliers and question is, who is?

The leading photo paper suppliers are based in Europe and Japan amongst them you will find Ilford, Mitsubishi, Oji, Felix Schoeller and few other smaller niche producers. In fact, of these Europe and Japanese brands several supply to Epson, Canon and the other printer manufacturers. In recent years, reports surfaced suggesting that Canon has a facility to produce some of their own photo paper and that HP has its chemical lab in San Diego where they develop the coating chemicals for some of their photo papers, but a sub contractor does the actual coating.

If you are looking for a photo paper supplier you won’t find it in the form of well-known printer brand, as the paper may be of good quality, but the price will be too high to afford. Good quality photo paper is one that produces quality results with an affordable and realistic price tag. In instead of sourcing the paper because of the brand, why not go to the source.

As we have explained before, there are various methods in which you can evaluate your options and find a supplier that meets your printing needs.  Instead of looking at the tin, look at what is inside from the coating technology used to the weight of the sheets. These are other factors will determine quality, not the brand name.

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