Philip Hawthorne Custom Electronic Panel Stickers Project

Customer project this week features the work of Philip Hawthorne. Using A4 clear self adhesive sticker and the Ghiant Inkjet Fixative Varnish Spray, Philip is able to customise the control panels for a Vintage Echo Unit that him and his team have built (It’s a collaboration of a team of enthusiastic, mostly retired, engineers and computer programmers from The Netherlands, USA, England, Australia and Northern Ireland).

Sticker paper is often used to create custom labels, be it for a control panel such as in this case, a scale model or for many other applications. In many cases when a ready made sticker is unavailable, it is quite literally the only solution. The fixative spray is a smart add on as it will improve the longevity of the sticker. Here are a few images sent by Philip.

If you are a photographer, a budding new business, craft maker or just a creative person who is interested to show off your work, you can do so on our blog and also receive full credit of your work. Just get in touch with us.

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