Review Of The Inkjet 280g Photo Paper By ILFORD

Photo Paper Direct’s range of 280g photo paper is available in various sizes ranging from 10x15cm to A3 plus and is made by leading photo paper manufacturer ILFORD.

While commercial and professional photographers are very familiar with the brand, amateur photographers, small businesses and home users are often new to the ILFORD name. Typical questions revolve around its comparison to branded papers such as HP, Canon and Epson photo papers as well as its longevity properties and of course quality of the print.

We are strong advocates of the ILFORD brand for a great number of reasons. For over 130 years they have been making photo paper (established in 1879) and their close ties with the commercial photography world means that quality takes priority to fancy branding. Prices remain realistic and often a fraction of the well known branded papers.

Technology Review

There are a number of coatings that are used on photo paper to achieve that vivid and sharp print. The PE coating that is used on the 280g by ILFORD is the most advanced coating. PE coated paper is amalgamation of normal paper pressed between two layers of polyethylene. This makes the paper heavier due to the polyethylene but not necessarily that thick.

The benefit is that this paper is more stable and does not absorb humidity. In addition it does not permit any ink that comes through the inkjet coating to penetrate to the paper and cause cockling (waves on the paper cause by over inking).

The polyethylene layer also acts as a barrier to protect the base paper, ensuring it stays flat at all times and is not affected by oxygen in the air which will cause other papers to discolour with time. The PE base paper is then coated on one side with an inkjet receiving layer which becomes the printing side.

Size Selection

The 280g range comes in a number of popular sizes. The smallest size is the 10cm X 15cm (similar to 6”x4”) while the biggest is an over sized A3 sheet (often called A3 plus). In between there are standard sizes of 13cm X 18cm (similar to 7” x 5”) as well as A4 and A3.

Finish Choice

Glossy – The glossy finish is a highly reflective finish that does not suit all cases due to its high shine. Viewed from an angle in strong light conditions some of the image will not be visible because of reflection off the surface and the viewing angle might need to be adjusted.  It is best suited when the image is not framed behind glass and the image is presented exposed in an album or a mount.

Pearl – The pearl finish a compromise between satin and gloss.  ILFORD is one of only a small number of manufacturers who make it. In this case the shine is lost, however viewing printed images is made easier by the low glare and light reflection off this paper.

The 280g Photo Paper range by ILFORD is one of best photo paper you can get. A professional grade paper useable on most inkjet printers that will complement any photograph and maximize the potential of camera and printer used to generate the image.

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