Printing On Disposal Tablecloths

Video Transcript:

Another application of the T-shirt transfer paper is printing disposal tablecloths.  Now the eagled eye or view would notice that something is wrong with this one, even us; when we are very, very experienced with this product occasionally make a mistake.  So we’ve printed an image here, but we forgot the mirror image.  The correct way of doing it is that.  So we have the same image but mirrored.  Once we print, it’s especially important when you’re doing text, once we transfer it on to the substrate everything will come the correct way.

As in all transfer applications best practice is to remove as much of the white excess as you can, just very roughly, but as close as you can to the image leaving about a 5 mm wide border.  So if you have a birthday party and you want to personalize the table and make it a little bit more fun, little more funky, a little bit more individual, you can take T-shirt transfer paper, print an image on it, then as always we’re using a hard surface, I’m not using an ironing board, I’m not using the table because I’m worried about the heat resistance of it.  So we’re using a hard cutting board that can be plastic or wood, anything which is heat resistant.  I’m going to line again with the T-shirt just to give it a little bit of give to make sure if there is any imperfection in the substrate we’re printing that is going to be ironed out.

We just bought a £1.99 tablecloth or table paper from anywhere really, nothing special about it.  Obviously it would climb exactly where you’re going to put it.  I’m just going to put it anywhere on the paper face down with the image.  This is ordinary paper I’ve just proved it to you, ordinary paper tablecloth that we got from the party show.  We’ve taken the image that we’ve printed in mirror mode, face down, the iron that has been heated for at least five minutes, no steam and we’re using quite a strong iron.  You need to use anything above 1500, 1600 watts and iron away.

Now with the T-shirt or a garment or anything that is going to be printed, it’s going to be washed rather, we are going to take real care about ironing it until the green spots go brown, the green spots going brown is an indication of enough heat has been transferred, but on this occasion because it’s paper it’s disposal, we don’t need to take as much time over it, so about 30 seconds, let it form a little bit.  There’s no panic here, because you can peel this paper when it’s cold as well, and when ready remove it.

And here you have a tablecloth personalised, you can buy a very, very cheap tablecloth, you can make it into something little bit more funky.  You can put pictures of the birthday girls, we don’t like putting children’s images on the videos but it can be pictures of the birthday of the party girl or boy or anything else, you’re only limited by imagination.  And this is an ordinary paper tablecloth, you would dispose it but with the transfer paper you’re making the table into something a lot more interesting from not a lot of expense.

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    Hi do you provide the table cloths for printing also?

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