Cards by Caro Brochure Paper Project

Customer spotlight today goes to Carolyn Robertson of Cards by Caro. Carolyn uses the highly regarded 120g satin brochure paper to create custom made brochures. Brochure paper differs from ‘normal’ photo paper in that it folds easily without breaking and therefore its weight and thickness is often on the lighter side to allow for folding application. That said, its coating ensures that the paper yields sharp results and of course has zero bleeding. These papers often come in weights of 120g to 130g and satin finish seems to be the most preferable choice.  Here is the artwork from Cards by Caro that will be printed on the 120g satin brochure paper. For more images and information visit the Cards by Caro website.

If you are a photographer, a budding new business, craft maker or just a creative person who is interested to show off your work, you can do so on our blog and also receive full credit of your work. Just get in touch with us.

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