Alan Jackman Laminated A3 Matt Photo Paper Project

First customer project spotlight this week goes to Alan Jackman. Alan uses our A3 matt photo paper which he then laminates to be used in various exhibitions. The artwork includes his photographs and images. We are often asked how to protect photos and improve their longevity, particularly in exhibitions due to the nature of the images been moved around and handled by multiple parties. In this case Alan opted for a lamination solution. Another option is to use the Ghiant Fixative Spray (comes in matt, satin and finish) which will leave a transparent non sticky coat on the image thereby achieving a similar outcome.  Here are some of the stunning photos Alan sent, enjoy!

If you are a photographer, a budding new business, craft maker or just a creative person who is interested to show off your work, you can do so on our blog and also receive full credit of your work. Just get in touch with us.

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