Using Self Adhesive Sticker Paper To Create Smart Phone Skins

Video Transcript:

So in this short film, we’re going to talk about the Inkjet Glossy Film Self-Adhesive by Photo Paper Direct.  This is a Glossy Vinyl film with self-adhesive backing that you can stick on to a wide variety of non-porous surfaces, suitable for all inkjet printers and all inks and we’ve done a film before when we put it on a mug.  Today, we are going to give you some couple of other ideas for use of this paper.

So it comes in plain cellophane packaging with a set of instructions on the back.  All you do is take the sheet out.  Remove all the other paper that you might have in your printer, position it the correct way around and print any image you like on it using an inkjet printer and normal ordinary inks.

Okay, so we have two images printed on the glossy vinyl surface.  These two using an ordinary inkjet printer and ordinary inks and today we’re going to talk about making what we call laptop skins or firm skins just to personalize everyday equipment that you might have lying around.

Let’s try with the – start with the small one.  We’re going to put this image on the back of a well-known telephone.  It will go on any similar device.  It can be a Galaxy, it can be anything with a smooth surface, non-porous.  Just cut it out using a pair of scissors.  Take as much care as you have patience for.  I’m going to do it quick, because otherwise this film is going to be really long and boring.

So we cut out the image.  We peel back the backing of the sticker.  It works like any other label.  Position the beginning of it started off and slowly ease it on to the phone.  If you make a mistake you can reposition it to get it perfect.  You can do the same with any other electronic device that you might have lying around.  We’re going to do the same on an iPad, a games console, a TV, a computer screen, a computer station, any other electronic device anything made from metal or plastic that you might have lying at home.

So again, a similar image, different size, cut it out, take as much care as you like with this.  So we’re going to do it little bit quick.  Same sort of technique.  Peel the bit off.  And again if you take loads of care with this, you get a better result.  We’re just going to quickly put it on very carefully.  There you go, personalized iPad.

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