10 Photo Printing Mistakes To Learn From

PrinterPrinting high quality imagery is much cheaper nowadays compared to just a few years ago. Home printers in conjunction with quality papers and inks are able to produce high quality prints which only a few years ago would have been the sole domain of a professional printing house. Printing imagery can be more affordable if you learn to avoid a few common printing mistakes. Here are some costly printing mistakes and how to avoid them to ensure you get the best out of your photo paper, ink and printer.

Mistake 1. Printing on the wrong non coated side is a common mistake. This is a costly mistake, especially if you just stocked the paper tray and press print without printing a test page first, as some photo paper may reach £100 and more. We recommend that you follow the instructions on the packing of the particular paper and print one photo as a test.

Mistake  2. Using “high resolution” or other set up in paper or media options other than photo paper. In HP, some Canon printers and Lexmark printers not using the photo paper option will instigate a use of the black cartridge which is pigment based. When the photo paper option is used the black set up is a composite black which is created by mixing the other colors or in some of the Canon printers using the alternate black which is dye ink and not pigment. Check your printer setting for Photo Printing and don’t get tempted to use high resolution straight away.

Mistake  3. Using wrong size of paper. Pick the right paper for the job as your printer will likely support various sizes.

Mistake 4. Resolution is too low for the type of print job. We recommend that you follow the instructions on the packing of the particular paper and print one photo as a test.

Mistake 5. Orientation of the image, i.e. Landscape or Portrait is not in line with the paper so image is going out of the paper or just wasting paper.

Mistake 6. Printing small images on A4 where 10x15cm card could be much more economical and save time of cutting it down. With most prints, once you’ve printed on the paper you will not be able to use it again, so do take into account the type of images (size and quality) which you are about to print.

Mistake 7. Using HP type of photo paper on Epson printer, or any paper which is not universal. This may cause bleeding colours of the image, smearing, cracking of black colours, very slow drying.

Mistake 8. Printing with “swellable” coated paper i.e.HP papers and others with no space of time between prints, the papers will stick to each other and may cause damage to the image.

Mistake 9. Image looks nice on screen but having very low resolution which will print poorly on photo paper. When it comes to printing images, you will do well to use high quality images.

Mistake 10. ink cartridge need replacement or print heads are clogged-need to replace cartridge or clean print head. Most printers nowadays can display their status in terms of maintenance due or printer cartridge levels. Make sure you are always aware of your printer’s condition.

If you know of any additional mistakes, please leave them in the comments below.

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