beaut-e Promotional Items Using Transfer Paper

Next on our customer centre stage is beauty products seller beaut-e, a young start up founded by Elle (pictured on the right). To increase sales and create more awareness for the brand, beaut-e uses Photo Paper Direct iron on transfer paper to create a set of lovely promotional items. Their team used the transfer paper to create promotional t-shirts and shopping bags to take along to vintage and beauty fairs. They quickly found that these helped to grab attention whilst raising awareness for the business start up and brand. For more information on the brand visit their online shop.

If you are a photographer, a budding new business, craft maker or just a creative person who is interested to show off your work, you can do so on our blog and also receive full credit of your work. Just get in touch with us.

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One Response to beaut-e Promotional Items Using Transfer Paper

  1. Elle says:


    Thank You for sharing!

    We love putting our own style on things and being able to make things ourselves using transfers is so much fun.

    Much better than having someone else make them for us 🙂

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