Iron On Transfers For Clothes

If you are looking to stand out from the crowd with your own custom T-shirt design you have two options. Either spend ages looking for a ready made iron on transfer that ticks all the boxes or create your own design using iron on transfers for clothes.

Inkjet Iron-On Transfers are printable sheets that will allow you to print an image on a domestic inkjet printer and then transfer your creative ideas onto a wide range of clothes and fabrics.  You can then use the design of your choice without compromise.

The most common applications for Inkjet Transfer Paper are on T-shirts but you do not have to stop there. Your design can be transferred onto cotton bags, aprons, pillow cases and we’ve even heard of users using the paper to create custom fabric labels.

Where To Get Them?

The quickest option to purchase Inkjet Iron-On Transfer Paper is on-line, as only a small handful of high street retailers will stock the paper. Make sure that you select the most appropriate size and the right paper for the colour shirt you are printing. Light transfer paper (used for light or white clothes) comes in A4 and A3 sizes.  A4 images can be transferred easily with a domestic Iron while A3 sized images need to be used with a heat press.

Dark transfer paper (used on dark clothes) is available only in A4.

What Equipment You Will Need?

The charm in using iron on transfer paper is that it requires equipment that most households will already have. You will need:

  • A working Inkjet printer (normal inks will do fine)
  • A domestic iron or heat press machine
  • Transfer paper sheets for the right colour (light or dark)
  • Working computer to create your design and print it
  • Suitable piece of clothing
  • A solid, heat resistant Ironing surface (an Ironing Board is NOT suitable

The process itself is extremely easy and suitable for users of all levels. Essentially the design is printed on the transfer paper and using a hot iron applied onto the garment. If your design includes text be sure to print in mirror or reverse mode to avoid wasting valuable sheets. There are plenty of means to reverse the text and most printers will include such option in their settings or you can use any number of image software.

Once you have obtained the paper, you may wish to read our guide to using iron on transfer paper that goes step by step through the process.

Image credit: Kate Hadfield Designs

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