How To Use Dark T Shirt Transfer Paper Video Tutorial

A t shirt transfer paper for dark fabrics will enable you to print a block of text or an image directly on the paper using your own Inkjet printer, to be transferred onto any black or dark fabric.

Video Transcript

So now we’re going to print a black T-shirt using the transfer paper for
dark shirts
. On transfer paper for dark shirts we print in non mirror. We
print normally. As you can see here, I’ve got a few lines of the logo I’m
going to print. So, if you’ve got an A4 sheet and your logo fits three or
four or five times, you can save yourself quite a lot of paper.

In order to prepare the transfer process, we have a board. This is just an
ordinary cutting board. The reason I’m using this is to protect the table
because I’m not sure how heat resistant it is. If you’re uncertain, it’s
better to be safe. On top of the board, I’m just laying an ordinary T-
shirt. This is just for purposes of cushioning. We’re not printing on this.
It’s just to give it a bit of give and a bit of extra protection to the
surface below.

This is the garment we’re actually going to print. I’m going to print the
logo on the back. Of course, it can be photographs or corporate logos,
whatever you fancy. So this is for dark T-shirt transfer.

I’m going to cut out my image. Bear in mind on the dark transfer paper,
what you see is exactly what you get. So any white surfaces, any white
background that you leave will appear on the shirt exactly as you have it
in your hand. So this is one logo trimmed.

I’m going to just heat up and smooth out the surface onto which I’m
printing. I’m using quite a good quality domestic iron. This is 1,600
watts. You should not use anything below 1,400. I’m going to switch off the
steam. So I’m not using steam when transferring. I’m going to peel off this
transfer. It helps if you’ve got good fingernails.

So this is the surface of the transfer. This is what we peeled and it’s got
a backing. This is the transfer paper for dark shirts. It’s a little bit
different than when printing white. Now I’m going to place the transfer
exactly where I want it on the shirt. So this stage is repositionable.
We’re just placing it where we want it. Smooth out any creases.

So now you’ve positioned your transfer. We’ll take this parchment paper.
This is a silicone paper that you get with the pack. I’m going to put it on
top of the exposed image so that the ink does not come on to the iron and
damage it in any way.

So I’m using a very hot iron, no steam, and straight into ironing, making
sure that we put quite a lot of pressure. Obviously, don’t break your iron
or cause yourself any injury, but you want quite firm pressure. Make sure
that you iron every single area of the transfer for about a minute to a
minute and a half. Once the time has passed, it’s very simple to peel off,
cold or hot, it doesn’t matter.

We peel off this silicon paper, which is reusable, and here is the final
garment ready to go, ready to wear, ready to wash in the washing machine,
durable and long living.

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8 Responses to How To Use Dark T Shirt Transfer Paper Video Tutorial

  1. TGP says:

    This transfer process did not go as easy as it is shown in the videos for me. I applied as directed to a black shirt, when applying the iron to the silicone paper the dark color leaked onto my white lettering of my logo. I tried on 2 shirts and had the same issue.

    • Joseph Eitan says:

      Hi, In this case it seems that the heat was a bit higher or the length of the ironing was a bit too long.
      Reduce the heat slightly, this should leave the white area a bit more solid.
      If reduce too much, then it may effect the adherence of the transfer so not to much.

      In the case of a full colour image this shouldn’t play too much of a role and the transfer is made for these especially. The production of the transfer is made so it won’t be felt as a heavy vinyl sticker thus it is thinner. I hope this helps. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Patty says:

    I need help. When using the dark transfer paper my images are turning out completely white. The photo’s I am using are perfect after printing (and to be safe I replaced all of the ink cartridges). I complete all of the steps but when I peel the backing off it is very shiney and completely white.

    • Joseph Eitan says:

      Hi, I guess you are using the method for light transfer (putting the image face down on the garment). This is why the image is coming out white. Please carefully read the instructions for using dark transfer.

      You need to print the image, trim away all the white areas you do not want visible and then PEEL the image from the backing sheet. Place the image FACE UP on the garment, cover the image with the silicon and iron. This is the correct method summarised.

  3. Mike deleon says:

    I would like to know if you need to have a different kind of ink in printing dark shirts? Is the ok to use a regular type of ink for the printer?

  4. nicki says:

    can you use a heat press when transfering onto dark tshirts?

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