What Is Textured Paper

Textured Paper has a silky smooth surface structure has been designed to maintain the natural characteristics of a smooth high-white art paper whilst maintaining the necessary natural aesthetics demanded by artists.

Video Transcript

The other paper that we have in our art reproduction range is the 280g
art paper. Unlike the 315g, which is very, very smooth and very soft,
despite being very thick and luxurious, this is slightly textured. This is
actually the exact same product that watercolour artists would be using
when they draw directly onto it with watercolours, except we put an inkjet
coating on it to allow you to print and create art reproductions with a
domestic or professional inkjet printer.

This is also 100% acid free. It’s a mixture of rag and pulp, and it has
absolutely no artificial materials in it. So it will not yellow or
discolour with time. It’s all natural, and anything that you print on it
will last for many, many years.

It has a slight texture, just like watercolour paper, and it’s good for
people who do, obviously, watercolour reproductions. You can create very
luxurious invitation cards with it. We sell it in A5 size as well, and you
can achieve an original look and appearance of an original painting.

We’ll print one and show you how it looks. So look what we’ve done here.
We’ve taken a reproduction of a watercolour painting. We’ve printed it on a
40 pound and very ordinary domestic inkjet printer with ordinary inks, and
we’ve created a very nice effect art reproduction on our 280g real
artist’s art paper

Slightly textured paper, 100% cotton, print on it with UV inks from any printer,
either the DURABrite or the Ultrachrome, or any other UV stable inks. This
is something that will stay on your wall for many, many years without
deterioration and is an amazing product.

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  1. nick says:

    It gives wonderful colour reproduction and another great advantage is that it doesn’t reflect the light like a gloss print meaning a print can be placed anywhere and seen to good advantage from any angle. I did have trouble finding the correct side at first though – if in doubt, go for the smoother side because it’s not easy to see which is whiter even when held near a window in daylight (or so I found!).

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