What is Inkjet Transfer Paper?

Transfer paper is the name given to a craft paper which is used to transfer images from print to fabric.  Transfer paper can be used with most inkjet printers and involves the use of heat to transfer the image from the paper to your chosen fabric item.

Transfer paper is a great way to personalise tee shirts, sweatshirts, umbrellas, bags, aprons and much more.  The images you choose to transfer can be purely for fun or be used to promote your business, the choice is yours.  With transfer paper you can transfer any image which can be printed to fabric, including digital photos, artwork, doodles, signatures, logos and so on.

Transfer paper comes in A3 and A4 sizes and for light coloured or dark coloured fabric.  The size you choose will depend on your printer and the size of the image you’re hoping to transfer.  If you’re planning on transferring an image to a dark coloured fabric it’s important that you choose dark transfer paper because the ink on the printer is translucent and the dark colour of the fabric will bleed through the image so the image can hardly be seen.  It is for this reason that dark inkjet transfer paper is designed as it is, a white plastisol sheet that lies on the fabric and creates an opaque barrier to the fabric colour.   You should be aware that areas that aren’t printed on the dark inkjet transfer paper will remain white, so if you don’t want this, you should trim away any remaining white so it won’t show on the T-shirt.  With transfer paper for light fabric, you need to print your image mirrored, but with dark you don’t.

Once you’ve selected your image and printed it on the transfer paper you can have tons of fun making wearables which you can use to promote your business, create a uniform for your team or just for fun, it’s up to you.  Because transfer paper can be used on pretty much any fabric, you can use it to decorate tee shirts, sweatshirts, pillow cases, aprons, tea towels and much, much more.

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