The Pros and Cons of Printing Your Own Photos at Home

To print at home or not to print at home?  That’s the big question.  If you’re trying to decide whether or not to print your own photos at home, here’s a few thoughts that might help you make up your mind.

First, think convenience.  Printing your own photos at home is a convenient and quick job that you can do without even needing to go out the door.  So it’s convenient.  Over and above the convenience element, there’s some great creative reasons to print your own photos at home.   With even relatively simple photo editing techniques and limited skill, you can get down and creative with your images to produce some really spectacular effects before you print them.  And of course, when it comes to the printing itself, you’re the one who controls the quality and finish of paper you use as well as deciding if you’ll plump for black and white or colour.

All of that said, like so many things in life, it’s not quite that straightforward.  In some cases, it doesn’t make economic sense to print your own photos at home.  If you need really high quality images, the sort of printer you’d need would be really expensive to buy and couldn’t be justified by most people (unless of course you print a huge number of photos).  What’s more, the cost of the ink and paper you’ll need can be a bit of a barrier (unless you’ve tracked down a really good supplier).  And lastly, some people just don’t feel confident about printing their own photos at home and prefer to hand them over to a shop.

There’s little doubt that a professional photo printing shop can do a really great job for you as well as offering basic printing at a price that won’t break the bank.  And this option saves you the hassle.  As well as all that, adept at improving poor quality images and offering a good range of papers and finishes, a good printer can work wonders.  What’s more, even some of the most basic shops are now offer a huge range of image supports, like mugs, tee-shirts, posters etc if you fancy going wild with your images.  However, the downsides of going to a shop are also clear for all to see.  First, you have to get there.  Second you’ll probably need to wait to have your photos printed and third, you’ll quite often find that you only have a limited choice of paper type and finish (depending on where you go).

So, all things considered, if you’ve already got a reasonably good printer and a good photo paper and ink supplier, printing your own photos at home is well worth a go.

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  1. nick says:

    I use an epson 1400 (P50 as back up) with generic inks and 280g glossy paper, 240g double sided greeting cards and now A4 magnetic sheets, all from PPD. I sell A3 and 5″x7″ mounted prints (mounts from Cotswold mounts), A5 greeting cards (aperture cards from Arts Encaustic), notelets, keyrings and fridge magnets. I have several local outlets and sell in a local market. I also print occasional (inc. wedding) photos and family pics. If you’re prepared to make the initial outlay on photo paper quantities and printer it can work out very reasonable to print at home and very satisfying!

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