Your £30 Inkjet Printer Is A Printing Factory

It’s amazing what you can do with a £30 Inkjet Printer!  Yes, you really can turn your £30 Inkjet Printer into A Printing Factory.

No matter whether you’re having fun at home, purely for the pleasure or you’re looking to promote your small business, your £30 Inkjet Printer can open up a whole new world of opportunities for you.  All you need is a bit of imagination and the simple tools to do the job.

If you fancy getting creative with T-shirts, cotton bags or Aprons, you can.  No matter whether you want to print a logo on some T-shirts to promote your business or you want to decorate some aprons for your kid’s bring and buy at school, you can.  Using Photo Paper Direct’s transfer paper, all you need to do is create your image on screen and then print it out on high quality transfer paper (which is also often called Iron On or Fabric Paper).  Once you’ve printed it, simply follow the instructions on the pack to transfer your image to the fabric and hey presto!

If it’s stickers that float your boat, you can go absolutely wild with Photo Paper Direct’s sticker paper.  Stickers are a great way to shout about what you do if you’re a small business or to share messages between friends.  Why not create a funky skin for your laptop or some promotional bumper stickers for your car?  The possibilities are endless.  Again, all you need to do is get creative on your PC and then print out your stickers on our high quality inkjet sticker film.  It really couldn’t be simpler.

To really push the boat out, why not create some personalised magnets to stick on your fridge or message board?  Using Photo Paper Direct’s inkjet magnetic paper, you can print any promotional or personal message you wish and then cut the magnet to size before handing it out to your friends, family and fans.  A great way to use the magnets is to send thank you messages that won’t ever be forgotten or to keep your business name in front of your customers.  Think about it, every time people go to the fridge they’ll think of you!  It’s complete genius!

…and what’s more, because Photo Paper Direct’s transfer paper, sticker paper and magnetic paper is so affordable, you can afford to let your imagination go wild!  The only thing left to ask is “What are you waiting for?”!

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  1. Beth Bradley says:

    I have Polaroid Magnetic Paper and was looking forward to making magnets of my grandchildren but I can’t get it to progress through my printer which is an HPpsc 1355 I also tried doing it on another printer which I have and is only two years old but the same thing happened. Any ideas on what I should do?

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