How To Use Temporary Tattoo Paper

Temp tattoo paper may be used for many applications. It may be used to create temporary body tattoos and for decorations. In this guide, you will find out how to decorate a plain candle using tattoo transfer paper.

Decorating a candle is a type of fun activity the entire family can take together, or you can do it individually to surprise your special one. All you will need is plenty of imagination, a working home printer, plain candles and a type of temporary tattoo transfer paper. Your unique candle design could be used to celebrate special moments, national and religious holidays and as a fun activity to keep the family busy. Oh, it’s also much cheaper than buying a ready-made printed candle which is always a nice bonus.

Project Preparation:

The first step is to purchase couple of plain light candles from your local shop. The candle does not have to be completely white, but at least light as possible for a reason which will soon become apparent. Once you have the candles, you will need to purchase a type of craft paper, normally referred to as temporary tattoo paper. The A4 size tattoo transfer paper was designed for body decoration, but very quickly crafters and hobby enthusiasts found other applications for the paper.

Candle Design:

Now that you have the candles, the fun part of the project can start. Based on the surface size of the candle, create a design on your home computer which can include text, images and of course a combination of both. You do not need sophisticated piece of software for this, a normal word editor will do the job fantastically. Because the design can includes a combination of text and images, a light shade candle will work best.

Design Printing:

The idea is to easily transfer the design onto the candle and to ensure it stays on. Using your home printer, print the design on normal paper first and in test mode. This will ensure that you don’t waste any of your tattoo paper or printer ink cartridge and that the design is to your satisfaction. Next, print the design on the dedicated paper and avoid any water or moist contact with the paper. Cut the printed paper to size with scissors and using tweezers position the paper onto the candle. Peel the tattoo slowly from its release paper and gently tap it down with your finger. Because the paper is designed for temporary results, if you are unhappy simply pull off the tattoo from the candle.

Design Tips:

Before printing on the tattoo paper, consider filling the entire A4 sheet with your designs. Once the first design has been cut, you will not be able to feed the paper again to your printer. The paper could also be used to decorate eggs (for Easter naturally) and to decorate train and airplane model building.

Have fun!

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