Liberate Your Image

Some years ago, a famous drill manufacturer in a marketing campaign, told the world that what they sell in fact is not machines for DIY freaks to cause damage to their property but rather holes!  Buy their equipment and what you get in fact is a perfect hole in a variety of surfaces.

Likewise, a chocolate manufacturer says that what they sell is moments of pleasure rather than sweet brown substance which is the bane of dieters and keeps dentists in business.

It then occurred to me that what we sell is in fact a means for liberating an image.

Years ago (and you do need to be over 30 to know what I am talking about), if you took a photo, you then took the film to a developer and a while later got a wad of pictures.  You then rushed home and showed them to people.  When friends came to visit, you took them out again and eventually they found their way into an album.  To this day, my kids occasionally open an old album, frayed at the edges, falling apart, and they flick through photos of their parents and themselves from years gone by.

Today, we take a prolific amount of photos on a huge variety of devices.  Image capture capabilities are now embedded in computers, phones, key rings etc, and…..  oh yes, cameras.  The images are kept on a disk or card.  We occasionally post them on a website or simply keep them on the phone and show someone a photo when it is relevant.  Walk into someone’s home and there is a distinct absence of albums and photos displayed on a side table or mantelpiece.

But, give a printed photo to a grandparent, a friend, or just print one out and it immediately gets stuck on a wall or, with the help of a fridge magnet (I sometimes think this should be a part of our range, as an accessory to printed paper).  The print is often made on an ordinary piece of paper and is substandard in quality.  The image however, being of sentimental value, will remain on the wall or fridge for a long time.

With the abundance of high quality of printing papers ranging from glossy Photo Paper, matt papers and novelty items such as printable fridge magnets, budding photographers can print their image onto a high quality, often professional grade product and “liberate” the image from the electronic abyss in which it resides.  Even the cheapest printer will give a fantastic result that would have cost the earth a couple of years ago.  Got a bad result or the print got damaged by grubby hands while hanging on the fridge, not a problem – print another one.  No huge expense incurred and a keepsake photo sees the light.

So go on line and have a look.  Let your photographs live and become a fixture of yours and your family life again.  Images are made to be visible and not locked in an iphone or the hard drive.  And don’t forget to get some BlueTac or a good fridge magent also……

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