Inkjet Fine and Photo Art Paper Types and Uses

Photo Paper Direct stocks a wide range of high-quality fine art and photo art papers. These are premium inkjet and photo papers that are specifically designed to print different types of artistic prints and photos with all inkjet printers.

For a better longevity and deeper blacks, it is recommended to use pigment based inks such as the Epson DuraBRITE and UltraChrome K3 inks or HP Vivera pigment inks, which are widely available on many of the ordinary desktop printers or finally, the inks used on the Canon PRO range printers.

You will still of course get excellent results using the regular dye based inks.

All of our fine art and photo art papers are acid free which means they will never discolour or turn yellow over time. That makes them perfect for work which will be on displayed for long periods or which is being used for archival purposes. Our fine and photo art papers are all made from either 100% cotton or cotton/alpha cellulose mixes.

This article will take a look at the different types of fine art and photo art paper to help you decide which you should buy for your next project!

But first, in very few words, the difference between fine art and photo art papers.

Fine Art Inkjet Papers

All our art papers can be printed for both purposes, but when we state fine art, it means to reproduce and artwork such a paint, drawing or and work of art which isn’t a photography, for example a scan of a paint or watercolour artwork, in these cases we will definitely go for a total matt finish art paper and many times with a texture like our Etching paper or light textured paper. All these papers will be heavy weight.

Photo Art Inkjet Papers

On the other hand, the photo art papers are more for photography whether in its original form or manipulated on photoshop or other photo editing programs. Many times, changing the photo to black and white or sepia will provide a retro or exotic look to the image. In this case our Baryta or Satin photo art papers will do amazingly as these have a light shin and look like the very original photos made 100 years ago. As well the Photo Rag with its deep matt finish and softness (made of cotton fibers) will provide an amazing richness and luxury to the image


Baryta refers to a barium sulphate coating that is applied to fibrous photographic paper before the emulsion layers are applied. This chemical allows the paper to display greater detail in images and a wider tonal range. Baryta also gives the paper excellent archival properties and chemical stability.

Images printed with Baryta treated photo paper have a subtle satin finish that perfectly suits fine art photography. The paper has a very large colour space with light creamy whites through to very dark blacks. Images printed on Baryta have a classical or vintage appearance.

Photo Paper Direct sells a premium Fine Art Baryta Paper (300g) that is very high-quality yet affordable. This is a very thick photo paper that has excellent colour reproduction and image sharpness.

PPD Fine Art Baryta photo paper is ideal for fine art reproductions, digital art, limited edition prints, exhibition prints, albums, prints you wish to archive and much more.

Photo Rag

Photo Rag is a 100% cotton, matt paper that is ultra white in colour. It is a favourite for many professional photographers because of the crisp colours and deep blacks that it can produce. Photo Rag is also an outstanding choice for images that have detailed shading or nuanced light.

Photo Rag can be used on any kind of image from colour photographs through to graphics or black & white photos. This photo paper has a very smooth texture and excellent archival performance. Photo Rag provides an outstanding colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness.

This paper is a great choice for artistic photo reproduction where sharpness and colour vibrancy is required. It is also perfect for fine art reproductions, limited edition prints, exhibition prints and photo albums.

This papers is probably the diamond in the crown of photo art papers that can turn any black and white and colour image to a professional work of art even on you home inkjet printers.

Photo Paper Direct has an excellent Radiant Photo Rag Paper (270g), which produces professional results for a reasonable price.

White Velvet

This is a white, 25% cotton and 75% cellulose paper with a surface texture similar to “German Etching” or “Museum Etching”. It is a heavy weight photo paper that has a high resolution and very subtle fine texture.

This paper has a textured surface finish that produces saturated colours, excellent fine detail and deep blacks. White Velvet is typically used for art reproduction, particularly oil painting reproductions, etchings, drawings and lithography. It can also be used for watercolour paintings and artistic photographs.

Photo Paper Direct has an excellent 270g White Velvet Etching Paper that is perfect for fine art reproductions.

Water Colour Paper

This is a specialist matt photo paper with a more pronounced paper texture, similar to the texture of a water colour painting’s canvas. It is the perfect photo paper for anyone interested in printing watercolours.

The Photo Paper Direct Water Colour Paper (240g) is a 100% cellulose paper that is suitable for archiving. This paper has a high level of water resistance, excellent colour graduation, colour gamut and image sharpness. This paper is a delight to handle and feels similar to traditional mold-made paper used by water colour artists.

Water Colour Paper can also be used for fine art reproduction, digital art, black & white and colour photography, limited edition prints, presentation prints for display purposes and exhibitions, albums and greeting cards.


This is a real canvas (100% cotton) that has been treated with an inkjet coating. It is mainly used for printing photographs and for reproduction of artistic paints the same results as a professional studio. This canvas has a matt finish inkjet coating and produces stunning results — high resolution, fantastic colour representation and deep blacks.

Canvas is the ideal photo paper for artistic prints, portraits and landscapes. It is also very good at printing oil paint reproductions.

Photo Paper Direct has a 350g Printable True Art Canvas photo paper that produces spectacular results. It can be used on any inkjet printer and allows you create stunning art reproductions for your own home.

Photo White Satin

This paper is similar to the Photo Rag but it uses a unique coating which adds a satin finish to the printed areas. The parts of the paper which are unprinted remain matt finish. Similar to Photo Rag, this paper has deep velvety blacks, outstanding colour reproduction, excellent image sharpness and archival performance.

Typically available in heavier paper weights (300g+), this paper is made of 100% cotton fibers. It is perfect for artistic photos where a special effect is required. Wedding albums and keepsake photographs look incredible on Photo White Satin.

If you have any questions about Photo Paper Direct’s fine art and photo art papers, please contact us today on 0208 440 6115 (Mon – Fri 09:30 to 17:30) or via

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  1. Ld says:

    Just a quick question I am looking for an ink jet paper that I can actually thanpaint on using acrylic paints? thank you

    • Joseph Eitan says:

      All of them will take paint. However, The paint will behave a little differently than on uncoated papers because the inkjet coating will absorb it differently. I expect the colours to be as vibrant and colourful but foresee that the brush strokes might be more accurate and sharper (the ink will not spread).

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