The Idiots’ Guide to Inkjet Printing

And no, we do not think that our customers are in any way challenged, merely this is a realization that our website has grown so much that some find it difficult to figure out what they need for their requirements.

As someone who spends his time guiding our customers around the site, suggesting this and that, I thought I will pen some basic guidelines to the range of printing materials available, so here goes.

What do you want to do?

I find that most people try and achieve something that can be categorized into 5 basic titles:

1. Print Photographs or high quality art reproductions
2. Print Presentations / Brochures / Menus
3. Print T Shirts, Stickers, Special Effects
4. Use a large format Roll Fed printer for any of the above
5. Need printer consumables

So here are a selection of papers (if you search by the weight indicated, this is the quickest way to find them on the website)

1. Print Photographs

If High Quality – Sentimental keepsakes and professional grade

•    260g Satin Pearl
•    280g Satin Pearl
•    280g Glossy
•    300g Glossy (not greeting cards)
•    315g Matt 100% Cotton Acid Free and NON Textured
•    290g Matt 100 % textured.

If proofing, giveaways, or something to give away

•    170g Standard Photo Glossy Paper
•    200g Premium photo glossy paper
•    180g Double Sided Gloss / Matt
•    180g Double Sided Gloss / Gloss
•    240g Glossy Photo Paper

Greeting Cards and invitation cards

•    210g Matt
•    240g Gloss/Matt
•    300g Gloss Matt
•    290g Matt Invitation cards
•    250g Satin Invitation cards

2. Presentations / Brochures etc

•    120g Matt coated (it is exactly as it says on the “tin” simple matt coated paper
•    120g Satin Double Sided – You should really get excited about this product.  Based on a satin double sided base, the results are amazing
•    170g – Matt coated – the same as the 120g but heavier
•    210g – Double Sided Matt

3. T Shirts Stickers Special Effects

•    T Shirts (and any fabric or porous material you can think of)
•    Light T Shirt Transfer Paper – for white and light colour T Shirts
•    Dark T Shirts – for…… you guessed it……  Dark Shirts and fabrics
•    Glitter T Shirt Transfer Paper – for light T Shirts with a glitter effect once printed.


•    Glossy Vinyl Self Adhesive
•    Matt Vinyl Self Adhesive
•    Clear Self Adhesive

Various Other Fancy Stuff

•    Clear Film – OHP transparency – Acetate that can be printed in an inkjet printer

4. Large Format

If you need large format material, most of the above is available in rolls up to 50” wide.  Having a large format printer, I guess you already know what you need and  if you are finding it difficult to find, drop us a line or chat to us on line through the website and we will locate it for you in a moment.

5. Printer Consumables

Easy, about 2500 different lines on line. Put the consumable reference number in the search box on the top right of the website and if we carry it, it will appear.

I will expand on these in future blogs and will concentrate on each group in a little more details.  In the mean time, if you are still confused or unsure, drop us line, call or chat to me on line, I am always happy to chat about inkjet media and try to give you a solution for what you want to achieve.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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