Inkjet Fine Art Papers Explained

Inkjet Art Papers are special papers that have an inkjet receiving coating on a unique base paper displaying particular characteristics.  In order to achieve longevity, Art Papers have to be acid free and so the whiteness of the paper is not achieved by bleaching the pulp in acid (as is the norm with ordinary paper).  This process provides longevity to the paper as the acid which is used in other types of papers with in time turn yellow, especially when it comes in contact with daylight.

Another parameter which is very important is the raw material from which the paper is made of as this affects the feel of the final product and the cost. Art papers can be made from alpha cellulose which is the pulp we all know or rag base which is cotton. The higher grades and the more expensive are the 100% rag (cotton fibres). The 100% rag will feel softer and more lucrative. The paper can also come in combination of both alpha cellulose and cotton and in different percentages of each material, where of course the paper with a higher ratio of cotton will be more expensive. The alpha cellulose papers are stiffer are divided into two main categories.

Photo Art Paper: Normally smoother paper which is often used for artistic photography, as well as for professional wedding albums, with emphasis on artistic photography of black and white photos.

Features: Great colour accuracy, archival quality, dye & pigment ink compatible, high white, 100% cotton rag and ultra smooth surface.

Applications Include: Fine art & photographic reproduction, photo restoration
greetings cards and postcards, art & photo albums, graphic presentation and display.

Fine Art Paper: This type of art paper can be smooth or textured and normally used for reproduction of paintings, particularly water colours. It can be also used for photography.

Features: Excellent colour gamut, great colour accuracy, archival quality, dye & pigment ink compatible and natural white soft cotton surface.

Applications include: Fine art & photographic reproduction, photo restoration, greetings cards and postcards, photo albums and graphic display.

Canvas Paper: Natural canvas is used as well in the inkjet application. Cotton as well as some Poly-Cotton canvases are coated with an inkjet receiving layer to enable a crisp and vibrant print. In recent years, canvas papers have became very popular for use in family photos or portraits. The unique look of the printed canvas gives it an edge which paper wouldn’t achieve, yet canvas would not get the accuracy of a photo art paper. Canvases are available in sheets and rolls for the desktop home user and the professional printers

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