Inkjet Watercolour Paper Review

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So today we are talking about the watercolor paper on our site, its part of the new range of art papers that we have introduced in the last 12 months or so.  The main benefit of the art paper is apart from the fact that they are different textures and finishes is that they are all 100% acid free, they are super professional products, the acid free part of the formula means that the paper will never in time yellow or discolor so they are great for archival purposes, great for images, but have real keepsake value, they come in a white box with an insert, full printing instructions on the back, this is the water color paper as the name suggests, it has a watercolor paper texture, this is the same paper that if you were a water color artist you would use to make your drawings on except in our, in this occasion there is an inkjet coating allowing you to print on an inkjet printer.

So 100% acid free, common question we are often asked, how do you know which sides to print on these products, because they are both white and both textured and the easiest way of doing it, of figuring it out, apart from making a mark with a felt tip pen to see which side runs or not, you ruin a paper that way, you take two sheets so over here, you take two sheets of paper you will find that one of them has got a slightly more texture than the other, you are trying to print on the smoother whiter side, not very apparent on the video, but that’s one way of figuring out, so you always print on the smoother side of the paper.  So that is the paper on one side, we are using an ordinary inkjet domestic printer with ordinary inks, and this is suitable for photographs, it’s suitable for art reproduction, we are going to print a couple of different images for you to show you what the effect is, the main benefit though is that it’s a keep sake product, it’s a keep sake product you put the most precious photograph or image on it, frame it and it will be there forever and ever, the paper will not discolor, there is no acid in it to react with oxygen so it will not go brittle or yellow with time.  If you use UV stable inks then the image will be archival and will be there forever.

So here we have used the 240 gram watercolor paper to print an artistic photograph as well as a watercolor reproduction, remember this is a 100% acid free product made from the same base as watercolor artists would use when they paint on it with an inkjet coating allowing you to print these sort of images or anything else that you might think of using an ordinary inkjet printer with ordinary inks.

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