When Your Printer Rolls Out Printable Vinyl Without Printing

Whether your Inkjet printer is old or new, in extremely rare cases it might struggle to print on printable glossy vinyl paper.  The printer has a light sensor which detects the size and location of the paper that has been fed into it.  If this sensor is too sensitive, the glossy coating on the vinyl reflects the light beam back, the printer cannot detect the start of the paper and thinks that there is nothing going through.

Manufacturer’s recommendations are to first adhere by the setup requirements and ensure that you have selected the appropriate settings that came with the vinyl. Secondly, your printer must have sufficient amount of ink to cover the entire printing surface, otherwise it might roll out the vinyl. Failing that, you might be able to “fool” the printer by placing a couple of ordinary sheets under the vinyl in the tray (rather than feed it individually as instructed). Lastly, switching the printer off and back on may help recalibrate the sensor.

In the handful of time users have reported this problem, one of the steps mentioned above has helped remedy the satiation.

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