Adhesive Sprays Hands On Review

In this review, we put the repositionable and permanent adhesive sprays to the test.

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These are two new products that we have on the Photo Paper Direct website.  The High Tac and the Re Tac self-adhesive spray, so as the name suggest one of them you can spray and create a self-adhesive back into an image and then reposition it and the other one is a permanent way of sticking down images and photographs onto a variety of surfaces.  What we have done here is just print off on the 280 gram glossy photo paper, that is our premium range where we have printed off a couple of images and I am just going to trim it very roughly to illustrate the use of the glue.  So if you are making scrap books or albums or you are a designer and you are making a presentation where you need to be moving images around a few times before on a piece of paper before the final result of positioning the Re Tac is a really good product to use and if you are making an album or a permanent book with some images the High Tac will mean that whatever you stick down will stay there forever.  Again just very rough trimming on image, obviously this will work with any surface if you are printing on to a matt paper or semi-gloss paper or just pickup scraps from, cut up scraps from newspaper, I am actually going to do is a little bit more artistically I have done there, just because this background is a bit white and not interesting but, there you go, move these out of the way.  So I am going to say I am using a scrap book this is just a blank diary sort of paper and I want to stick this down permanently, I would use the High Tac.  What we do is make sure we protect the surface onto which we are spraying, we don’t want to ruin any surface this will never come off.  Give it a good shake.  Back to the book where we are going to stick this down.  So it is a contact adhesive, this will—this is a permanent adhesion it won’t come off very easily, you can see that if I try and peel it off the paper actually separates from the carrier underneath so this will not come off ever again, it’s a permanent adhesion and if I do the same with this we have a motorbike picture and we are going to use the Re Tac, this is the repositionable glue.  Again I am going to take a fresh piece of newspaper, face down.  The Re Tac this is the repositionable adhesive, a good shake, I have taken it before, I have shaken this before, so you need to do for about 30 second and the same spray of making sure it covers the whole area.  Remove the news paper and another page of a scrap book on this occasion we can stick it down and if you don’t like the position where it is you can lift it off and stick it down again.  You don’t like it that there you can lift it off and stick it down again until you got the right position and then it stays there.  It can always be removed again.

So permanent adhesion, so this won’t come off, you can see that separating—the two sides of the paper are separating that’s the High Tac and the Re Tac can be removed again and again and slide down again and again.  So these are the two new products on the website that Re Tac and the High Tac, the repositionable and the permanent self-adhesive sprays.

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2 Responses to Adhesive Sprays Hands On Review

  1. Carlos Maldonado says:

    Greetings gentlemen.

    Do you have any experience regarding face mounting photographic paper using adhesive spray? Do you know of any issues of applying adhesive spray directly to the front of an image without a previous layer of fixative spray? What about possible interactions between fixative sprays and adhesive sprays? Long term considerations ?

    Thank you
    Carlos Maldonado
    Caracas, Venezuela

  2. Joseph Eitan says:


    We haven’t tested the adhesive and fixative together, though it should work fine. We’ve tested the temporary adhesive again and again and cannot fault it. I hope this helps.

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