Customising Soup Can and Bottle Using Inkjet Sticker Paper

The latest review by the Photo Paper Direct team features a number of creative uses for Inkjet sticker paper such as customising a can of soup with your image, name etc. All from the comfort of your own home and using your own Inkjet printer. Enjoy!

Video Transcript:

So today we are going to come back to a couple of products that we spoke about before already the are the vinyl self-adhesive films that are available in the Photo Paper Direct website, these are inkjet printable films and we are then today we are going to personalise items that you may not have thought about using such as soup can, a bottle of vinegar, a bottle of wine maybe something else. All we are using is the vinyl self-adhesive, we have our matt and the gloss here, ruler, pair or scissors, items available in every home and then the ordinary inkjet printer and it works like this.

So here we have printed the image we’ve designed in this case on the word document but any program that you use is fine, we’ve printed off the image on our vinyl mats self adhesive in this case.  Just before I have done that I have also made a mock up using an ordinary paper so that I can measure and make sure that both the sizing right without wasting an expensive product.  These out of the way and we are going to personalize a soup can just as a quirky idea to give somebody a bit of a lift may be when they are sick or I don’t know whatever idea you might, here is the kind of soup that’s the mockup that we have before so this is just the size to make sure that the image is correct without wasting an expensive piece of product.

This is the matt vinyl self-adhesive inkjet film.  We are going to peel a little corner of it and position it accurately before sticking on the first section and then I can just go from the back and peel away.  There you have it your personalised can of soup.

So another two items which we are going to personalise using the glossy vinyl self-adhesive inkjet films is the bottle of wine this is our breakfast this morning but we are going to use this to show you something before we open it and bottle of vinegar but it can be absolutely anything; it can be a jars of jam anything you want really.

So we will start with this again we remove these away out of the way.  We printed this on the glossy vinyl self-adhesive film.  We have also made the mockup just before just to measure the images correct without using or wasting an expensive sheet of inkjet product.  Put that away using ordinary scissors we’ve made a border around the image because we are going on the images from, the border is there just to show us where we need to trim.  And the same as with the soup can that we have done earlier we peel off the corner, fold away the backing this is just a backing to protect the adhesive.  I am going to position it on a straight edge initially then and here you have it a personalised bottle of vinegar, so if you are a vinegar maker or you make jam or you want to give somebody a funny present may be there is significance to something you can personalise a bottle of vinegar and make a unique gift or a unique product specific for yourself.

The same exact process although slightly different this time because we are not going to wrap the items so again the photographic image with a bit of text on the glossy vinyl self-adhesive in this case, glossy vinyl self-adhesive is better for photographs, if you are doing an item like this which is just graphic then the matt is also good.  Both are printed in high resolution so these are highly detailed very colorful images, obviously you take as much care of this as you can doing, just going to show you quickly.  I don’t know if you have ever been to weddings or special occasions where they have personalised bottles of wine that caterer will charge you nominally an arm and a leg, all you have to do is buy this product for not a lot of money.  This is the vinyl glossy self-adhesive inkjet film.  You get them finding a straight edge on the bottle you can either cover the existing label or put it somewhere else.  Now you can put this on the table for your guests to enjoy or give this away as a going away memento of a special occasion.

That’s the glossy and the matt vinyl self-adhesive inkjet films by PhotoPaperDirect.

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