Inkjet Fixative Varnish Spray Bundle Pack Matt Glossy Satin

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Stop that photo fade!
If you display your inkjet pictures in frames, then this packs for you. Some years ago I used to buy inkjet fixative spray in smaller cans from our local stationary supplier. I recently noticed that some of my photos had stood the test of time (and the suns rays) better than others. I checked those that hadn't faded against those that had. those sprayed with fixative hadn't faded. Must buy some more fixative, local stationer no longer stocks it; help! Spent several hours searching the web till I came up with this pack.
So far only used the satin and gloss - seems much the same as the product I used to use, only in much bigger cans; results so far are good, only time will tell.
(Posted on 04/03/2017 by TonysPiccies)
canvas inkjet
happy with the product as described in advert. Delivered on time, safely in good wrapping.
(Posted on 29/06/2013 by JP)

Inkjet Fixative Varnish Spray Bundle Pack Matt Glossy Satin

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Promotional pack while stocks last of Matt x 1 / Glossy x 1 / Satin x 1. Fantastic bundle if you want to be able to change the finish of your prints without having to worry if you have the right fixative at hand. These sprays have a shelf life of many years and won't loss their effectiveness. Strictly time limited offer. There are a number of manufactures in the fixative varnish market, Belgium based Ghiant® is the best of them all.  

Important Note - Can be delivered only to: UK Mainland, N. Ireland, Ireland, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Spain Portugal, Greece.

Spray included in orders to excluded destinations will be removed from the order.

Used to protect canvas prints, photo paper, sticker paper and other films by coating the media in a fast drying protective coat. Once applied it makes inks resistant to water and smudging as well as improving light fastness and scratch resistance. One light even coat will give a firm finish which will be touch dry in 10 minutes. Extra coats may be applied after initial drying to improve performance.

The fixative spray can be used with the following products

  • Inkjet Creative Stickers (vinyl self adhesive)
  • Inkjet Canvas
  • Inkjet Photo papers
  • Inkjet Photo Art and Fine Art paper

 Its main features are:

  • Enhances the water resistance of Vinyl
  • Can be used as a replacement for laminating pouches (Liquid Lamination) as the spray acts in a similar manner to protect the print
  • Improves UV resistance, improving image longevity
  • Prevents the ink from smudging on the printed media
  • Allows you to change the print finish to gloss/satin/matt depends on the spray chosen
  • Makes the print  more resistant to scratches and mechanical movement across it
  • Enhances the appearance of the film in one of three finishes (glossy, matt or satin)
  • Fast drying lacquer

This is a quick and versatile solution to improve the robustness of inkjet printed media. Inkjet being essentially a water based technology has some limitation as to its ability to withstand directly applied moisture and mechanical movement. Domestic printers often use inks which are not UV stable and this spray also is very good in prolonging the life of an image printed using non UV inks.